Asterisk Voice Recordings

Since its inception and development, Asterisk had utilized the talents of voice talent Allison Smith to voice the Asterisk Voice Prompts for this incredible system – which would go on to evolve into the world’s fastest-growing telephony platform. Allison and Asterisk have been a natural fit together; a wide variety of industries utilize the Asterisk Open-Source PBX – from defense to banking; from utilities to retail systems – Asterisk is used in a wide variety of applications, and Allison has displayed – and continues to display – the versatility and adaptability to provide professional voice recordings for it all.

Best Asterisk Voice

In keeping with the Open Source nature of Asterisk, it was inevitable that other companies and entities would see an opportunity to produce Asterisk Voice Prompts in other voices – in fact, there are active campaigns to convince the Asterisk community of the “alternatives” out there in voice talent.

And certainly, anyone who re-sells, deploys, or implements Asterisk is free to use whomever they choose to voice their Asterisk prompts.

But let’s delve into the reasons why Allison Smith was the immediate and original choice to voice Asterisk prompts, and why she continues to this day to be the best, most consistent, most recognizable, and most versatile voice talent to use for your Asterisk system.

From the purchase of an Asterisk system, Allison’s voice is pre-installed with all basic stock and installation prompts. It’s her voice which guides you through you setup; she helps you troubleshoot; and her voice furnishes the “bones” of your IVR  system with her professional IVR recordings. As for customization, Allison is at the ready – either through the Digium website or via direct contact – to brainstorm with you, assist in writing, and recording your company-specific prompts; with competitive rates, fast response, and with a lightning-fast turnaround; with same-day delivery being the norm, not the exception. With the Cepstral Allison 6.0 Text-to-Speech utility (Cepstral’s #1 selling TTS platform) as an obvious adjunct to your Asterisk system – and the newly-launched Allison On Demand Product (an unheard-of database of 350,000+ proper names, all voiced by Allison) – it’s a seamless, unified and quality voice throughout your entire framework. Not only the original and the most-utilized voice for Asterisk; Allison is – simply stated – the best. It’s not by accident that Digium chose Allison to voice Asterisk – Allison’s already extensive resume and easy-going reputation made that a no-brainer for Digium. Allison Smith has become the premiere telephone voice working today – and there’s little doubt that Allison is the natural choice for your Asterisk Voice Prompts.

But don’t take our word for it.


Asterisk Voice Testimonials

Throughout the years of voicing Asterisk Voice Prompts, Allison has built a strong customer base who glowingly reinforces why Allison is such a strong part of their company identity:

“Working with business telephone systems for more than 16 years, I’ve heard just about every human and artificial voice talent in the industry. I can say without reservation that Allison Smith is top tier and considered the best from many of my industry Peers . I have experienced several voice talents to record custom auto attendants, voice prompts and email greetings, none have been easier to work with or more professional than Allison. Working with Asterisk based systems and custom voice requirements, Allison is the logical choice as she is “The Voice of Asterisk”. Custom recordings seamlessly flow with the already iconic voice prompts and greetings that are standard with Asterisk based telephony systems. I highly recommend her for voice service in Asterisk based systems and any other for that matter. All you have to do is listen and you’ll agree.”

JR Richardson, Chief Technology Officer, Ntegrated Solutions

“While we’ve used other voice talent in the past, we’ve found working with Allison over the years has produced the best work with the least hassle. She knows what she’s doing and if you’re looking for phone prompts, she’s as close to perfect as they come.”

Corey McFadden, Voneto

“Allison has been providing excellent voice recording for Grandstream Networks since 2004; her professional voice recordings have been used in most of the Grandstream products. We really enjoy working with Allison because of her excellent voice, fast response and professional editing of the recorded audio.”

Bill Zhang, Grandstream

“Allison is professional. She understands OUR business, always delivers on time, and backs up her work. I consider Allison an extension to our team rather than a vendor.

As an added benefit, Allison is the voice for the standard prompts packaged with the Asterisk platform. This means delivering custom IVRs faster and less expensively. There is no need to record and replace sound files for numbers, money, and time, as well as the hundreds of other sound prompts that come with the Asterisk platform. Using Allison ensures voice continuity when incorporating other Asterisk features such as the voice mail system and call queuing.”

Dave Mattern, Asteria Solutions Group

“We have worked with Allison for years on many Asterisk-related projects. With her Cepstral Text-To-Speech voice and now the new Allison-on-demand service, we have been able to create seamless, high-quality, dynamic audio with a consistent voice that gets rave reviews from our clients, even on the most complex projects. Not to mention that Allison is easy to work with, and can bring her experience with IVR design to help with your project.”

Matt Florell, Vicidial

“I have hired Allison on countless occasions to do voice over work for me. In every instance she has gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide professional, prompt and personal service. Allison is the first name that comes to mind when I think of voice talent and I will continue to use her services in the future. Aside from the obvious professional aspects, Allison is a friendly, down to earth, kind person who sees the good in everyone and easily brings out the best in everyone she meets. I’m proud to know her.”

Gregory Boehnlein, Senior Virtualization Architect to IBM at CDI IT Solutions


Imitation in the sincerest form of flattery – and it’s natural for others to attempt to recapture Allison’s enviable position as The Voice of Asterisk. Sure, there are “alternatives” out there. However, you will never encounter a voice talent who is more professional, with a voice more soothing or natural, with a reputation more stellar, with a higher level of service, or a sound as instantly and immediately recognizable – as you will with Allison Smith.

As vast as her stable of other clientele is, Allison is – and will always be – “The Voice of Asterisk”.