Automated Phone System

As a small business owner, you will already know the old cliché “time is money.” But how you invest your time is crucial to ensuring the success of your company. Telephone calls can be one of the most direct and meaningful ways your new customers or clients can connect with you. But it can also demand time that you could be spending growing your business and meeting your other existing obligations.

Automated phone systems for small businesses can give their owners a way of filtering calls in a timely way. The most important calls are routed as needed. Without the overhead cost of hiring a receptionist, automated phone systems can manage a high volume of callers. Automated phone systems serve as a time-saver for your customers. They provide a streamlined experience that lays out their call options for them. This way, they can decide the quickest avenue for addressing their particular concern.

Why Do People Hate Automated Phone Systems?

There are several reasons why customers hate automated phone systems. It’s kind of like when you are speaking to someone who wasn’t listening to you. It can be quite frustrating. A poorly designed system can feel the same way to your customers. Couple this with the possibility that your clients may already be experiencing a defective product or delivery issue, it can end up doing much more harm to your business.

Trying to communicate a customer service issue can be hard enough. If customers are greeted by an automated system that places them in a queue with no estimated wait time and blaring music, they will hang up before long.

How You Can Make Sure Your Customers Like Your Automated Phone System

There are many industry best practices to follow, but your clients will most appreciate simplicity. A polished greeting followed by a simple, digestible list of options will go a long way toward customer satisfaction. A professional voice artist can polish your system, so it sounds like you are running a well-oiled machine. Pro voice talent can customize your system so that it reflects the personality of your business with clarity and professionalism.

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