Commercial Script Writing

Modern writers and voice talents use different mediums to develop outstanding commercial scripts. You may write commercial scripts for radio, television, or through your YouTube channel.

Whatever your message and medium, commercial scripts need a short and punchy message that can reach your audience in 15 to 60 seconds. Most good 30-second commercial scripts feature a beginning, middle and end structure. They identify a customer problem and then provide a solution through a product or service. Your commercial script should repeat your business name and offer several times throughout the text. It should also present a clear way for customers to act immediately.

Writing an engaging commercial script

Decide what type of media would be best for the message you want to communicate. Your in-house marketing team or outside consultants can help you decide the best medium to reach your target audience. You’ll also want to establish some critical points of your message. This includes a definite offer and a motivating call-to-action that gives a clear way you’d like your audience to respond. Once you have laid the ground rules for your message, you can begin working on the finer details of writing a commercial script.

Formatting your commercial script

There are many ways to format a commercial script, but a two-column script is one of the most common. No matter if your commercial is a TV ad for a breakfast cereal or a radio ad for legal services, you should consider a few general guidelines:

1) A commercial script title should include the “TITLE,” “LENGTH,” “PRODUCT,” and “WRITER” at the top left of the script page.

2) Below your title and length information, include two columns starting with the “SOURCE” column for speaking characters. The second column is dedicated to “AUDIO,” signifying production notes. These details can include setting, dialogue, action, music changes and other sound effects. A TV commercial script would include a table with the first column for “VIDEO” and a second column, “AUDIO.”

3.) Number each character/video description in the first column in order of how they will appear in all capital letters. In sentence case, type out the dialogue/audio in the “AUDIO” column, next to the character voice/video description it accompanies.

When you have finished writing your commercial script, make sure you time how long it is. Your voice artists can do this with a read-through. A trained voice artist will be able to let you know whether you have a solid 30-second commercial script. Of course, you can learn more about ways on how to format, write and develop a great commercial script by contacting me today!