Commercial Voice Over

Commercial voice overs are an effective means to connect with your target consumer audiences. We hear commercial voice-overs everywhere — from traditional radio advertisements to television promos. Depending on their experience, business voice over professionals can bring a variety of scripts to life. These range from promotions by local car dealerships to international corporate advertising campaigns.

Commercial Voice Over Professionals

We may have thought of commercial voice-over artists as vocal talents that perform broadcasts on the radio or television. But commercial voice actors and actresses are now in-demand professionals that play critical roles in new media. More opportunities are available for companies to connect with audiences than ever before. These include podcast advertisements, Internet ads, and even smartphone applications.

What Separates Good Commercial Voice Over from the Rest?

Successful commercial voice-over professionals are highly trained and experienced in vocal acting. This experience allows them to emote as needed and perform their scripts for their clients. Commercial voice-over artists should be polished in a range of industry niches. They should have professional demos to back their experience up. These demos help companies select a commercial announcer voice that matches the vision of their upcoming project.

Professional commercial voice artists can make savvy suggestions and help improve commercial scripts. They should also be flexible enough to adapt and find the right the right tone, expression and personality for the project. Your choice of a voice over artists can be the difference between your target audience engaging or not with your brand’s message.

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