As business owners and professionals, we are quite often busy with our jobs. In fact, 75 percent of all business calls are not completed on the first attempt.

If we happen to miss a call from a potential client or business partner, chances are the first greeting they will get is your voicemail. A professional voicemail for your business also often serves as the first impression most callers get of you and your company. A professional voicemail message should give callers an expert sense of who you and should make callers feel welcomed.

Why should you have a professional voicemail greeting?

A professional voicemail recording service can help you craft a unique, polished and informative professional voicemail message that gives callers the confidence that they have reached a company or representative that is dedicated to them.

With professional voice artists, you also ensure that you and your company have a voicemail that follows professional voicemail format—including necessary instructions for your callers as they leave their message for you.

What should a professional voicemail say?

First, let’s address what a professional voicemail message should not do and say. A great professional voicemail provides a clear and concise greeting for callers. Unnecessary filler material like “Your call is very important to us…” will typically result in abandoned calls.

From the start, your message should be friendly in tone and inform callers of your name, your company and your department if necessary. The caller knows they have reached the right destination immediately.

Next, your voicemail should briefly inform them with up-to-date information about why they have missed you. It should let them know whether they have called outside office hours and what those hours are. With the help of a voicemail recording service, you may provide a timetable about when they might receive a call back if you are in a meeting, or away on vacation.

Finally, ask your caller for the relevant information you’ll need to respond to them appropriately and quickly. Items they should be requested for in a professional, friendly voicemail greeting include their name, number and the reason they are calling. You can end your message with any alternative ways they can reach you—such as an emergency number, email, website or another colleague callers can contact for urgent help.

How to get a professional voicemail greeting?

If you want to ensure that you and your company have truly unique and effective professional voicemail for business, the best bet is to enlist the help of professional voice artist that specializes in voicemail recording services. Professionals can help you script, voice and produce a professional voicemail message that gives your callers confidence your company will take care of them!

For more tips on how to craft professional voicemails for business, contact Alison Smith today.