IVR Customer Service

Let’s face it. When we have a problem with a product or service we’ve ordered, the last thing we want to do is waste more time calling customer service support lines. Studies have even found that the average person spends over 30 hours per year tied up with customer service. That wasted time leads to frustrated customers. So it’s critical that you ensure an excellent customer service experience. So how can IVR flip the customer service script on bad customer services experiences?

An IVR customer service solution can save you and your customers a great deal time and money. But if your IVR system and customer service script are not optimized, it can have the opposite effect. Here are a few tips to make sure that your IVR customer service is not providing a disservice to your customers.

IVR Customer Service Solutions: Where Is Your Customer Coming From?

When designing your IVR customer service solution, start from the perspective of your caller. Your caller may have had a negative experience with their product and are frustrated. Or they have had negative experiences with a frustrating automated system. So avoid IVR detours that could stray them from resolving their particular issue. Avoiding things like unnecessary data collection that makes your customers repeat themselves. Your IVR customer service system should only request pertinent information to their issue. This way when a caller is passed to the appropriate agent, the agent has everything they need to begin resolving the issue immediately.

Simplify The IVR Customer Service Menu

When a caller reaches out to your IVR customer service menu, they should only be presented with a basic list of about four options. From there, they can self-service navigate to further specific options that apply to them. Your menu can include two levels of options as well. A simple list of high-volume concerns and another option that allows callers to reach a live agent.

Reduce Customer Confusion

Your IVR customer service system should be easy to understand. It should only use simple, straightforward language. Many IVR customer service scripts do not communicate menu options clearly. For example, your IVR menu options should always be read to the caller before the call to action. “Press 4, for shipping …” is not as effective as “For shipping, press 4…”. Customers may be waiting for their concern to be raised and miss the appropriate action to take. Simple mistakes in your IVR’s design can be the source of confusion. This experience can affect long-term customer relationships. But hiring a reputable professional IVR voice artist is one way to catch inefficiencies in your current system.

An IVR pro can help your business customize and design a perfect IVR customer service solution from scratch. For more tips on making your IVR customer service as good as it can be, contact Allison Smith today!