IVR Polling & Surveys

Businesses are always looking to improve customer satisfaction by finding ways to enhance the quality of their service. A great way to enhance customer relationships and services is to ask your customers what they think.

IVR polling and surveys can be used to ask customers questions about their experience. Using automated IVR-based surveys, businesses can tap into customer feedback to improve call center agent training to customer-centric policies.

What Are Some of the Methods Used for IVR Polling and Surveying?

There are many methods that businesses may use to conduct IVR surveys and IVR polling. The most common are inbound and outbound IVR surveys and post-call IVR surveys. Many companies use IVR systems conduct a post-call survey at the end of an outbound call to receive feedback about the recent experience. Many times a customer call is transferred to the post-call poll when an agent hangs up or is routed by an agent after a customer has been assisted.

What Are Some of the Best Practices in IVR Surveys?
There are many IVR survey best practices to consider to ensure your survey is successful, but here are a few basics:

1. Make sure your IVR based survey or polling is concise (2-3 minutes at most), features simple language and is constrained to a specific topic.

2. Avoid biased language and keep your survey’s wording neutral.

3. Use a 7-9 point scale for your IVR-based survey that features a range of simple labels (ex: very weak, weak, slightly weak, neutral, slightly strong, strong, very strong).

What Are Some Questions To Ask in an IVR Survey Script?

It is always important to develop simple, precise and relevant IVR survey questions that pertain to one specific topic. Depending on what type of feedback you wish to receive, your questions may vary. For feedback on customer agent experience, your IVR survey may ask “Was your agent helpful?” For product quality assurance, your survey may ask “How many times have you contacted us for the same issue this year?” You can work with your hired voice artist to sculpt great questions for a short and useful IVR survey.

How Accurate Is IVR Polling?

IVR based surveys have come a long way over the years. Extensive research has been conducted to improve the way businesses ask questions and prompt accurate feedback. A professional voice artist can help ensure that your IVR based survey follows best practices to retrieve the precise feedback you need. For more tips, contact Allison Smith today!