Four Questions To Ask Any IVR Voice Talent Before Hiring Them

IVR Questions

So you are ready to hire stellar IVR voice talent to give your business that extra air of professionalism it needs when your next client or business partner calls you. Great!

However, while this is an exciting step, it is important you find the best voice talent to represent you. Not all IVR voice talent out there may have that unique vocal ingredient that actually speaks to your target audience and communicates who you are as a business. With that in mind, here are four easy IVR questions to ask yourself when choosing voice talent to represent you.

  1.  Do they possess the right training of vocal ranges needed?

Believe it or not, there is a very particular type of training that most vocal talent goes through to deliver a professional read with the right tone, accuracy, and nuance. Even if you have read up on a potential artist’s credentials, make sure you get a chance to listen to vocal demos for a broad range of ability that hits what you are going for. You can also take your candidate through some paces over the phone, and get a sense of what they can offer you first-hand.

  1. What quality is your IVR voice talent’s recording studio?

The voice talent you have in mind might have the perfect sound to represent your business and can deliver lines like nobody else. However, if they work from a low-quality studio, it can kill the entire end product and set you back in time and money. Your ace vocal talent should possess a top-quality microphone, soundproofed recording space, top-quality grade studio monitors, and a modern computer setup. You can ensure this by looking to see if their studio is posted online, or look into recent professional recordings they have done to get a sense of the quality product they produce.

  1. What major experience can your voice talent boast?

Like any potential hire, you want to look at a resume to gauge their experience and see what kind of job they can do for you. Many reputable schools and workshops exist in the voiceover industry, and you can get a sense of where or with whom they studied from their website or credits listed on a bio or voice over resume.

Additionally, if your IVR voice talent candidates are established in the industry, it might be an excellent opportunity to see what recent major projects they have just completed. Ask who their current clients are, or where you might be able to hear them on TV or radio. At least, they should be able to provide you some links to web sites of major clients where their voice over work is featured.

  1. Are they a professional as well as an artist?

Your candidate may have gone to a top acting school and impressed you at their audition, but how do they handle the business on their end? Are they available during regular office hours and typically quick and professional in their responses when you attempt to reach them? Will they give you a custom voice audition of your script to present to you or your client for approval? Are they professional and honest when quoting rates? Are they in line with going rates for similar professional voiceover talent?

Your time is money, and you should be able to relax knowing that you’ve got a top-notch talent who can always deliver a high-quality voice work on time and to your specifications. Of course, there are quite a few other ways to ensure you have a top IVR Voice Talent working with you. If you’re looking for a professional voice talent for your new project, contact Allison Smith today.