You sold a system, and your customer is excited about getting it up and running.

All pre-planning of the call flow is done; lines have been configured and extensions assigned.

Just before the system is prepped to go live, the realization hits both you and your client at the same time: Someone’s going to have to voice it.

All too often, the client just brushes the issue off, saying: “We’ll get Jennie at the front desk to voice it.” Or the client themselves – busy as they are doing a million other things – gets stuck with the task. Or even you – (that’s you, the hipster telco IT guy in the last picture) – will occasionally just voice the prompts on install, even though this is the last thing you want to be doing.

As a professional telephone voice, I have a lot of clients make contact with me because they did their system in that slap-dash, last-minute way, and they want their IVR done right. They’ve done the “Jennie” route before (but she resigned a year ago and the call flow is now a pastiche of a bunch of different receptionist’s voices); your client is sick of customers recognizing their own voice on the system (and the associated conclusions which may come from that), or they *loved* the job the tech guy did on the install…they just don’t love his voice.

Just as your client wouldn’t likely attempt to design their company’s website, the voicing of a reseller’s end product is important enough to be handed over to a professional, whose core competency is the voicing of auto-attendants, closing/holiday greetings, mailboxes, system outage announcements, and on-hold programs. Disciplined IVR voice talent have the consistency to match previously recorded files, keep the energy even, use pro gear to record, and – if IVR is their sole focus – should be available for same day/next day changes or updates, and re-records into the future.

A company’s IVR is an important aspect to their image and their brand. A reseller who includes the services of a pro voice talent as a line iten in their transaction has taken care of a vital aspect of the system’s install which – all too often — gets overlooked until it’s time to go live. Providing a V/o pro is a feather in your cap, setting you apart from other resellers, and is a valuable service to your end users.


Allison Smith is a professional telephone voice and owner of The IVR Voice, providing prompts for Cisco Meraki, Cincinnati Bell and Bell Canada, Verizon, Vonage, and the Asterisk Open Source PBX. Private clients include NASA, 3M, PetSmart, State Farm, Toyota, and Royal Caribbean, among many others. Twitter: @voicegal.