Narrator Voice

When we think of a great narrator voice, Morgan Freeman movie voiceovers probably first come to mind. Dozens of different voice over narration projects exist, including documentaries, business presentations, and tutorials. No matter how specialized a narrator’s niche is, you can look for a few universal qualities of a good narrator voice for your project.

Clarity, Enunciation, and Articulation

Whether your narrator is voicing an audiobook or an employee safety video, they need to be completely understood. Your voice narrator must come across crystal clear to your audience’s ears. They should also have a mastery of the script’s content to creatively delivery of your audio or video message. Delivering your message with clarity and articulation will go a long way to keeping your audience engaged from start to finish.


Speaking of holding your audience’s attention, a narrator should offer much more. Narrators are not your standard professional speakers. Your voice talent should be able to ‘act’ out a scene or line to captivate your audience. While specialized artists may be more appropriate for some scripts than others, a real professional narrator are excellent storytellers. They bring scripts to life.

Professional Pacing

Timing is everything. A narrator’s voice acting range is only half of what is needed for producing a captivating piece of storytelling. Proper cadence and timing is the other side of the coin. Even if your narrator can deliver wonderfully acted lines, your project may fall flat without the appropriate tempo. Does your commercial script need a slow and comforting pacing that reflects your company’s assured place within its industry? Your voice narrator should be able to sense when to hit the gas or put on the brakes. They should provide the perfect texture to your script without you ever noticing.

Of course, many other qualities make up a good narrator voice. To get more narrator voice tips or learn more about what to look for from narrator voices for hire, contact Allison Smith today!