Ordering customized IVR and On Hold prompts from The IVR Voice – voiced by Allison Smith – has never been easier! Simply enter your script and obtain a word count and total – and with one click, you can pay securely and instantly for your prompts. Pay only for what you need – and obtain the same high-quality same-day/next day service you’ve come to expect!

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On Hold Messaging

Up to 500 words with royalty-free music mixed in $350

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Buy the complete set of stock prompts for your phone system! Numbers 1-100, Days, Months, and Essential Connector Words!


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On Hold

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"I have worked Allison for over 10 years and she has always provided excellent quality recordings. I have asked Allison for special requests such as needing a subdued sound, a special application needed the prompts to be very fast but not sound like Mickey Mouse and another needed funny/uplifting messaging, she has always delivered. A point that many don't think about, particularly with prompts, new prompts need to fit with prompts she recorded 5 years ago, with the quality and consistency that Allison produces, this has been 'no problem'."

​Michael Heinrich

April 18, 2016