Professional Voice Talent

3 Ways To Identify Top Professional Voice Talent From Voice Over Imposters

If you’re trying to sort out the top professional voice talent from the many voiceover imposters, there are a couple of things you should be on the lookout for. What are they? Here are my top three ways to separate the voice over pros from the imposters.

1. Findability

First, are they easy to find? The Internet is a big place, but a narrowed Google search for voice artists in your city should yield the websites of top artists or top agencies that house quality voice talent.

If an artist is hard to find in the digitized world we live in today, it doesn’t provide the initial confidence you might need for a major project. Designed websites of professional voice over talent provide all sorts of clues about the quality of their craft. They will list some of the high-profile companies they have worked for, where they trained and went to school, photos of their state-of-the-art recording studio, or even high-quality demos for you to sample. There is a lot you can learn about from a professional before you even speak with them in person!

2. An Interview With Your Potential Voice Talent

If you have done your due diligence on the front end of your investigation, then contacting and scheduling an interview with potential talent is the next critical step to making sure you have a professional voice over talent on your hands, rather than someone who only looks the part online. Right away, you can get a sense of their professionalism when you reach out to them with your interest. Are they prompt and courteous in their response to your inquiries, willing to answer all your initial questions and willing come in or Skype chat with you for a more personalized sample reading? If so, great.

During an interview, professional voiceover talent will be able to prove the ability to perform a wide variety of vocal styles for you. Here, you can get a better sense of their versatility, personality and even ask your potential talent to read from a sample voiceover script to make sure they can deliver the pitch and tone you need on-demand. A great artist might even have suggestions about new interesting ways to approach a script and completely blow your mind!

3. References and High-Quality Demos

OK. So you have met your candidates, and you think you have a winner. But now is an excellent opportunity to follow up on important aspects of your candidate to ensure that they will handle your project with complete professionalism from beginning to end. Professional voiceover artists have quite a long and diverse history of quality projects so you should check their references to get a first-hand review of how they handled things in the past. Additionally, you will want to make sure you have reviewed high-quality demos from them if you have not already. This is an important snapshot of their work to consider when making your final decision

You should be able to find great voice over professionals with these essential traits. By vetting your candidates in this way, you are certain to have a successful experience completing your project. For more ways on finding top professional voice artists, contact Allison Smith today!