Your telephone voice recordings for your business should provide customers with the same enjoyable experience as they would receive from speaking directly with one of your employees. In order to ensure that experience, you should consider using a top telephone voice talent who specializes in providing telephone voice recordings.

Allison Smith has previously brought her pleasant and friendly voice to a broad range of telephone voice recording projects for both small local businesses and internationally-recognized companies such as Sprint, Bank of America and The Home Depot, just to name a few.

As one of most globally recognizable telephone voice recording artists working in the industry, you just might already recognize Allison’s voice through the phone if you have ever rated your satisfaction during a telephone survey, received an automated phone appointment reminder from a doctor’s office or have received an automated voice that helps your call reach the correct department for small and large businesses.

In today’s technology-driven world, top quality telephone voiceovers are more of a necessity than ever, particularly for companies putting a premium on their customers’ satisfaction. And this is where Allison Smith’s versatile telephone voice talent can help.


Allison’s well-crafted telephone voice over work can cover a range of automated message scripts, from FAQs or information about recent developments at your company to simple reassuring messages informing you customers they will be attended to by a representative shortly.

With many years of experience as a professional female voiceover artist, Allison Smith is a polished telephone voice talent that notably offers a flexible range of telephone voice recording services. Her telephone voice over services include commercial telephone voice recordings and telephone greetings, corporate voicemail systems, telephone surveys and much more.

Feel free to browse around and listen to Allison’s online telephone voice over samples for commercial, corporate and Telephone / IVR applications. Contact her today to learn about her voice talent rates.