Voice talent Allison Smith offers a variety of voice over services, including voicing, engineering and producing a huge number of voice applications you hear everyday – IVR voice recordings (Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, Vonage, Bell Canada), commercials (radio, TV, and internet), in-store announcements, surveys, call center prompts, documentary voice over narration, kiosk self-serve prompts, telephone voice prompts, talking toys, animation voice over recordings – virtually any voice application you can think of – Allison has done it… and can do it for your company.

Allison’s Experience

Allison is an experience, professional female voice over talent who has worked with a vast international clientele. Here is a portion of Allison Smith’s expansive clientele listing.

  • Allison’s IVR prompts  can currently be heard on platforms for Vonage, Sprint, Verizon, Bell Canada, Hawaiian Telcom, and the fastest-growing telephony platform in the world: the Asterisk Open-Source PBX
  • The “Allison Voice” is the top-selling Text To Speech utility for Cepstral – one of the world’s top Speech Utility Engineers
  • Some of Allison’s Independent clients include: EBay, Electrolux, Sony, H & R Block, ADT Security Systems, Yellowbook, Whirlpool, Ghirardelli, McAfee, KitchenAid, SAP, Victoria’s Secret, Marriott Hotels, Halliburton and Toyota, among many others
  • Allison Smith is the new voice of State Farm Insurance’s national IVR, and the IVR and on-hold system for the Kennedy Space Center
  • Has voiced product monograph information for Pfizer and Merck Pharmaceutical’s Customer Information Lines, as well as automated patient follow-up calls
  • Currently voicing automated store location address system and store updates for all 900+ PetSmart Stores
  • Selected as the new IVR voice for Rexall Drug Stores, voicing all internal, outward-facing, and store-finder prompts, as well as an extensive prescription drug outbound dialing reminder system
  • Allison has voiced prompts for Apple Support/Rebate line, NutraSweet/Equal Customer Service Line, Pittsburgh-Corning Consumer Line, Bayer Call Center, HSBC Tokyo, Diesel Jeans Store locator, On-Board phone systems for Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival, Holland America Cruise Lines, Oceanphone Calling Card System and Silver Seas Cruises.
  • Allison is also a much-sought after speaker on the issue of IVR prompts and ways to improve them


In addition to voicing and engineering IVR prompts, Allison can also work with you to help develop and write your script, consult and advise on your existing phone system, and recommend changes in order to make it streamlined and to flow as smoothly as possible.

Listen to some voice over demos, learn more about her voice over rates or contact Allison today.

If you require Allison’s assistance in the pre-production of IVR prompts, send Allison a note to allison@theivrvoice.com and she’ll be happy to bundle a consulting/recording rate for your project.

Allison also offers partnership arrangements for re-sellers of Asterisk and other phone systems. Talk to Allison today about ways to offer her prompts to your customers.