Allison has separate rate structures for IVR voice recordings, for voicing and producing on-hold systems, for voicing streaming and web-based audio projects, and for voicing broadcast (TV and radio). Rates vary according to usage, market, and the intended purpose of the audio. To obtain a price for your project, submit your script and project details to allison@theivrvoice.com, and she will reply as soon as possible with a cost and an ETA.

Payment Methods


Allison accepts payment through a secure and fast payment portal powered by Moneris, where payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal can be made. Pre-payment is required before your job is scheduled.


If payment and a finalized script is received by Allison’s office by 12:00 Noon, Mountain Standard Time, she can usually turn it around the same day; next day, worse case scenario. If Allison anticipates there to be a delay in this turnaround time (due to travel or being committed to a larger, time-sensitive project) all efforts will be taken to let you know of the delay and to schedule your job as soon as possible.


Re-do Policy

If there are changes or additions to the original script after the recording, the customer is expected to pay the regular rate for the redo. If a redo is determined to be necessary due to mis-pronunciation or mistakes on Allison’s part, naturally, that’s a no-charge redo.

Allison is capable of a great variety of styles and “reads”. Every attempt is made to capture – stylistically – the creative “mood” and “feel” you are after for your IVR prompts. She will occasionally get that wrong, or misunderstand what stylistic “footprint” you’d like her to create. Allison is more than willing to redo projects if – on the off chance – she happens to not hit mark with regards to what you and your team had envisioned. Allison will try her best to establish in what direction you’d like her go with your prompts before recording—making stylistic redos a rare occurrence.

Script Format

When submitting scripts for IVR prompts, try to avoid Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which were intended for data entry, and not word processing. Sentences in Excel have a tendency to stretch – horizontally – over several pages. *If* using Excel, please format it so that the sentences wrap around and are readable on the same 8 x 10 page. Much more preferred is setting up a simple grid in Microsoft Word, for example, which features the prompt in its entirety contained in its own box, and the prompt’s name in the box next to it, like so:

Prompt 1 Thank you for calling
Prompt 2 Please enter your PIN number
Prompt 3 …followed by pound.

…no confusion about what’s considered to be a “prompt” or what to call it. Whenever possible, try to avoid long, complicated naming conventions, such as:


…try to keep the file names as succinct as possible; laborious typing can radically increase production time in editing and adds to the overall cost.

Allison will record what’s written, so be very exact in your wording. Please provide pronunciation tools for proper names and place names, which typically can stand a good chance of mis-pronunciation.