what is ivr system

If you’re growing your business and heard from someone that an IVR system can help, you might be wondering “What is an IVR system?” So here’s a quick overview of how IVR systems work and how they can benefit your business.

An interactive voice response (IVR) system is an automated communication technology. This system gives customers a way to interact with businesses over the telephone without the need for human assistance. Clients connect to an automated computer system by phone, which can direct their call through a series of scripted prompts. This allows them to make transactions, exchange information, or reach a live representative.

IVR systems are a staple of modern life. They assist you with your banking and paying bills over the phone an help you track your Amazon packages. Most companies in the world have made productive uses of IVR systems. Here are some ways that you might apply them to your business.

Discover the Benefits of IVR Systems for Your Business

IVR systems are used by businesses of all sizes to reduce unnecessary overhead to answer routine queries from customers. If a client only wants to check the hours of your business, do they need to take up time from an employee? Instead, they could hear your company‚Äôs hours of operation by “pressing 1” on their phone.

An IVR can connect customers to businesses at the push of a button. They can even extend the hours of your operation by making customer service available 24/7.

IVR systems can do much more than forwarding clients to business voicemail systems or providing basic company. IVR systems are also suited towards conducting scripted surveys and post-sales satisfaction calls. Many companies use their IVR systems to thank the customers for recent big purchases within 24 hours. They can also see if the client will take part in a quick satisfaction survey.

Confirming deliveries, appointments, and schedules with customers is another major IVR system benefit. Confirming appointments and transactions can help avoid customer service issues in advance. This shows your customers that your business is organized and prioritizes them. IVR systems can be designed to make outgoing calls for companies to confirm delivery times to appointment schedules. Major companies like Google will even use IVR systems to call and verify and validate user information.

Of course, these are some of the basic benefits of applying an IVR system to improve your business and productivity. Visit back soon and contact Allison Smith for the essential IVR tips and to learn how IVR systems might work best for you!